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The sending system based on FTP protocol makes it possible to send large quantities of SMS messages in a few seconds. The system accepts inbound files in CSV format.

The address of the AirTelco FTP server is:

Structure of home page

There are two sub-directories within the home directory

  • sms

directory which will contain message files with a description of the SMS messages which will be processed by the airtelco gateway.

  • status

directory which will contain the file with the final status of the sending.

Structure of message files

The message file must be in CSV format with 7 columns

The columns must always be in the same order. From left to right the columns are as follows:

  1. Telephone number for the message recipient

The telephone number must be expressed in international format.

Example of telephone number: +44123456789

  1. Message sender

The message sender can be alphanumeric and must not contain more than 11 characters.

  1. Message body

The body of the message varies depending on the type of SMS being sent. For messages of a text nature it is possible to send text containing characters that are part of the GSM alphabet.

If the intention is to send messages which contain characters that are not part of the GSM alphabet, then it is necessary to use the ucs (Unicode) type. In this case, the message text must contain the hexadecimal value of the characters which are going to be sent to the mobile phone. In the latter case, the text cannot exceed 72 characters.

To send messages containing characters within the GSM alphabet but with text greater than 160 characters, it is necessary to set the message type as long; whereas if the text is UCS but longer than 72 characters, the message type must be lucs.

  1. Message quality

The message quality is expressed with a p or s character to signify Premium or Standard.

  1. Message type

The types currently supported are:

  • text
  • long
  • binary
  • ucs
  • wappush
  • long
  • lucs
  1. UDH (User Data Header)

This field must be given a value for 8 bit (and therefore binary type) messages.

  1. URL (for WAP-PUSH messages)

This field must be given a value for wap push messages.

For further information, you are advised to download the example in the pagina principale of the documentation.

Sending of SMS

After creating the message file you need to bring it into the sms directory. Next, in order to activate the sending of the SMS messages, you need to upload an empty file sequentially with the same name as the message file but with the ”.send” extention

If the message file is called invio.csv the sending file must be called invio.csv.send

The FTP sending system can process around 200 sms per second on average. At the end it will generate a file with a status that will be saved in the status directory.

Structure of the status file

The status file generated will have a structure similar to the following:


where the number on the right indicates the line of the CSV file processed, the following string indicates the message status and the numeric value on the right shows the message ID. There will always be the END:ID:NNN string at the end of the file, where the numeric value indicates the id for the entire dispatch.

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