Virtual SIM API

Type of services (Dedicated or Shared)

You can choose to use Virtual SIM in two ways:

  • Dedicated

Will be assigned a mobile phone number exclusively dedicated to the customer account. All incoming messages will be forwarded according the protocol choose.

  • Shared

Will be assigned a mobile phone number shared from different accounts. All incoming messages will be forwarded to the customer according the protocol choose and the shared key at the beginning of the message body. Shared key will be choose during Virtual SIM setup procedure.

Receipt of Short Messages through HTTP protocol

With Virtual SIM service you can receive incoming SMS through HTTP POST. Below is an example of customer provided URL that the AirTelco SMS gateway recall following the arrival of each incoming messages.

HTTP POST Parameters

  • to

Virtual SIM phone number assigned to the customer account (Example: +393401112222)

  • from

Sender ID of the incoming message (Alphanumeric value - Example: +39333111122)

  • body

Message body encoded in Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1)

Receipt of Short Messages through RSS Protocol (Really Simple Syndication)

In this way is possible to get back last messages received formatted in the RSS standard.

RSS version supported is 1.0

Below an example of HTTP GET request initiated by the customer in order to get back last 5 messages.


  • login

User ID Account.

  • password

Customer Password.

  • recv_id

Unique identifier of the Virtual SIM service. It's possible to know which is the identifier of the service by entering in the reserved area.

  • action

action parameter has to be equal to: getmess

  • rss

rss parameter has to be equal to the version of the RSS protocol you want to use. (Version available: 1)

  • num

through this parameter you can set the maximum number of messages not read you want to get back.

Example of response:

<?xml version=“1.0”?>
<item rdf:about=””>
<description>Hello World</description>

Receipt of Short Message through Email

With the Virtual SIM Service you can receive a copy of the message via email. Contact AirTelco support team in order to set the email address you want to use.

SMS Voting

With Virtual SIM Service you can use free of charge AirTelco SMS voting platform.

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